SVATMA Heritage Residence

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

SVATMA is one of Tamil Nadu’s most buzzing new boutique hotels yet more than a highly individualistic travel destination. It is the indescribable romance of contemporary artists flirting with curated antiques and experimenting with ancient art forms in a space resonating with the chanting of the Vedas.

SVATMA is, in essence, all about surrendering to the abundant charms of ancient Thanjavur: its arts, architecture, culinary heritage and culture. We care a great deal about this revival and preservation of local crafts, architecture, and antiques.

There are no standard rooms in this heritage hotel, each is unique, built as an elite family residence over a hundred years ago, which has been lovingly restored. At SVATMA, the residency becomes a journey in itself.

The SVATMA experience

The SVATMA experience is designed as a voyage of discovery of the mind indulging in the luxury of leisure, dabbling with the arts, in a beautiful home environment. At every spot SVATMA has a personality and there are unique spots to match every mood of every person.

There are different Svatma experience modules for guests to choose from:

  • Culinary classes exploring vegetarian local cuisine for nutrition and good health
  • Bronze casting demonstrations
  • Chanting of Veda by priests and training to chant mantras
  • Chamber concerts by musicians in Carnatic tradition
  • Lecture demonstration on Thanjavur style of Dance
  • Visit to temple site with an academic expert
  • Demonstration of handloom weaving
  • Thanjavur painting technique

Vegetarian restaurants with unique menus

SVATMA offers an exclusively vegetarian cuisine. There are three unique food and beverage areas to make the culinary tradition enjoyable and exciting.

“Aharam” is an all day fine food restaurant with a traditional display kitchen that overlooks the pool. It has a unique menu with Tamil dishes available a la carte in an exclusive bouquet of plated mini meals. Ideal for health conscious foodies wanting to explore the flavors of the region. The ingredients are organic and carefully prepared by trained specialist chefs.

“Palaharam” is a joyful affair of coffee and lunch in the verandah. Also traditional health drinks and delicious snacks are served there.

“Nila” is a terrace dining restaurant on the rooftop under the stars. The cuisine presented on moonlit nights is a memorable Tamilian experience.


SOUKYAM – The signature Siddha Spa offers unique and revitalizing treatments without altering the conventionality through a blend of naturopathy and organic siddha herbal products.

AROGYAM – The gym and yoga centre has trained tutors to guide the body to a path of fitness with traditional asanas and meditative practices. It is also provided with modern gym equipments.

Thanjavur – Art, Architecture and Culture alive

Tanjavur is one of the ancient cities of India in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu.
Visitors shouldn’t miss the Brihadeeswarar Temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the finest examples of Chola architecture. The Thanjavur Royal Palace is also incredible: its collection of Chola Bronzes in the Gallery is not to be missed, as well as its highly ornamental Darbar Hall.

There are plenty of traditional crafts to discover, too: the veena [a traditional stringed instrument] makers, the bronze casters, a weavers’ colony, painters, etc.

And for those using Thanjavur as a base, there’s plenty to discover nearby.

Vegan diet available
purely vegetarian
Lactose free diet available
Breakfast available, Half board available, Full board available
Public restaurant
Internet connection available
Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Painting, Cooking courses
Spoken language(s): English

Number of rooms: 38
Price per room from 120,- EUR

For prices and availability please use the booking request or visit the website of the hotel.
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Address / Contact

SVATMA Heritage Residence

No.4/1116, Blake Higher secondary school road,M.Chavadi, Thanjavur
613001 Thanjavur, India

Phone: +91 - 436 227 3222

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